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Nearly there….

View towards Helm Crag

As lockdown Three starts easing and holiday homes, non essential shops, outdoor seating for cafes and pubs and best of all hairdressers! are able to open again from 12th April the village will start to come alive again.

Grasmere Daffodil Garden

The daffodils are out in the daffodil garden and the only thing still missing is the smell of gingerbread wafting in the air but hopefully that will happen soon too.

St Oswald’s churchyard

We hope that visitors to the village will observe the country code. During the time between lockdowns last time there was a huge amount of rubbish abandoned in the village and on surrounding fells.

Riverside walk Grasmere

Let’s hope the sun shines and everyone can enjoy a great UK staycation.

Daffodils in the churchyard

Where better to visit after being stuck at home for so long than Grasmere Village. See you soon!

Cherry Blossom Time in Grasmere


Grasmere Cherry Blossom

Grasmere Cherry Blossom

I always think how much our Japanese visitors must feel at home in our village at this time of year as we do have some spectacular Cherry Blossom throughout the village, framing the views and proving an attraction in themselves.

Grasmere Churchyard Cherry tree

Grasmere Churchyard Cherry tree

The Cherry tree in the Churchyard is a particularly beautiful one, especially when reflected in the River Rothay

Grasmere Cherry Tree

Grasmere Churchyard Cherry Tree

White Cherry Blossom

White Cherry Blossom

Outside Heaton Cooper Studio and Gallery is a well established tree.

Cherry Blossom

Blossom with a view

River Rothay and Sakura

Falling Blossom Grasmere

Falling blossom Grasmere

College Street Grasmere Petals

A beautiful time of year to visit our village, even when the petals start to fall for another year.


Grasmere Builds A Wall.

Unlike other places in the World which are talking about building a wall to keep people out, Grasmere has a new wall to welcome visitors.

The entrance to the village at Stock Lane has undergone many reincarnations in the time I have been here so it was interesting to go and have a look at the latest. First a few photos of how it has looked. Note how the Poets well has moved.

Junction Stock Lane Grasmere

Junction Stock Lane Grasmere

A591 Junction Grasmere

A591 Junction Grasmere


We now have a rather poetic entrance to the village, with the building of a couple of slate walls inscribed with poetry by William Wordsworth.

Home at Grasmere

Home at Grasmere

There are also seats on either side of the road, and a much needed litter bin.

New seating Grasmere

New seating Grasmere

Crossing the road to Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Trust should be easier for pedestrians due to the new road layout.

A591 B5287 Junction Grasmere

A591 B5287 Junction Grasmere

Poetry Wall Grasmere

Poetry Wall Grasmere

Since I took the photographs earth has been filled in behind the walls so hopefully we can look forward to some floral displays.

Below is a link to the original Cumbria County Council thinking. So far no sign has been put up pointing into Grasmere Village. As far as traffic and pedestrians go the season is just starting so time will tell how well the new arrangement works.

Click to access 4261312523.pdf

Grasmere Rushbearing 2016

Grasmere Rushbearing 2016 was rather a wet one. It became obvious fairly early on in the day that the rain wasn’t going to ease up.


Grasmere Rushbearing Maiden

Grasmere Rushbearing Maiden

With good spirit everyone dressed for the weather and started to parade through the town.

Grasmere Rushbearing 2016

Procession passes along Churchstile

I thought the owner of Bridge House Hotel in the centre of this photo looked rather happy about something and later discovered she had become a Grandmother for the second time very early that morning!

Singing the Rushbearing Hymn

Singing the Rushbearing Hymn

Normally everyone gathers on the village green to sing the traditional Rushbearing hymns but the ground was a bit soggy so a stop was made on College Street instead.


Grasmere Rushbearing Maidens

Grasmere Rushbearing Maidens

I couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for the Rushbearing maidens. While everyone else had the benefit of a waterproof coat they had to tough it out in traditional costume.

A rather wet Rushbearing

A rather wet Rushbearing

I noticed more than one person dashing in to Lucia’s for a takeaway coffee to warm up with.

Children in the parade

Children in the parade

Time to head back to St Oswald’s Church

Bearings and Umbrellas

Bearings and Umbrellas

I think umbrellas brighten up the parade on a rainy day.

Processing down Church Stile Grasmere

Processing down Church Stile Grasmere

Taffy Thomas the storyteller always has a good view point from the Storytellers Garden.

A welcome sight

A welcome sight

Back at church and time to get inside and dry off before a welcome cup of tea.

Grasmere Rushbearing Parade

Grasmere Rushbearing Parade

Now all the time I was watching there was one thing that I kept thinking. How heavy must the cloth the Rushbearing Maidens were carrying have got as it was absolutely sodden by the end.

Grasmere Rushbearing Maidens 2016

Grasmere Rushbearing Maidens 2016

So well done girls you did a great job!

Anyone who wants to see photos of sunny Rushbearing parades need look no further than this blog. You win some and you lose some but no matter the weather the show goes on.


Grasmere Celebrates The Queen’s 90th Birthday

We really have been having some gorgeous weather in Grasmere recently. It has been wonderful to see people sitting outside pubs and cafes soaking up the sunshine. Business has picked up since the A591 has reopened and things are more or less back to normal.

Grasmere flags are flying

Grasmere flags are flying

Almost overnight flags have appeared in the village as Grasmere gets ready to celebrate The Queen’s 90th Birthday.

Grasmere celebrations

Grasmere celebrations

If you are in Grasmere on Saturday 11th June why not come and join us. From 1-4pm we will be inviting people to bring their own picnic to the park. A little bird tells me The Wordsworth Hotel and Spa might even be offering complementary strawberries and cream.

Miller Howe Cafe Grasmere

Miller Howe Cafe Grasmere

In the park on Saturday there will be sports and trophies for all ages, Kendal Concert Band will be playing and Grasmere Glee Club. Grasmere Players will also be performing.

Heaton Cooper Grasmere Window

Heaton Cooper Grasmere Window

On Sunday 12th June at 4pm there will be a service of Thanksgiving for the Queen’s Life.

St Oswald's Church

St Oswald’s Church Grasmere

A well known face in Grasmere Cameron Butland will be back to lead the service and there will be tea and cake for everyone afterwards.

St Oswald's Grasmere

St Oswald’s Grasmere

So as you can see we are all ready to celebrate, lets hope the weather holds out just a little longer.

Grasmere Village

Grasmere Village

How many more flags will spring up tomorrow?

Cunninghams Grasmere

Cunninghams Grasmere

You will just have to visit us and see over the weekend.

Mountain Warehouse Grasmere

Mountain Warehouse Grasmere


Written in memory of my Father in law who built the shop above. Long time lover and resident of Grasmere.

Eric Shaw. Died 25/5/2016 a month from his 99th Birthday.

Eric Grasmere Sports age 7

Eric Grasmere Sports aged 7

Prince Charles visits Grasmere

Could hardly not blog about our latest visitor to Grasmere, Prince Charles the Prince of Wales.


Prince Charles visits Grasmere

After a very quiet village for several months it was wonderful to see such large crowds lining the streets as Prince Charles came to Grasmere to show his support for the Lake District after the December floods.


Crowds gather in Grasmere

The local schoolchildren were very excited as they were led to the front.


Grasmere schoolchildren arrive

Next to arrive was a painted sheep! Throughout the summer you can spot these individually designed sheep in various places. Raising funds for Calvert Trust http://www.goherdwick.co.uk Pick up a Trail map from various outlets and see how many you can spot.


Herdwick Trail Sheep

And finally a car appeared round the corner


Prince Charles arrives

Flags were waving and there was an air of great excitement.


Prince Charles arrives in Grasmere

The Prince of Wales took his time and chatted to locals and visitors alike. Most amazing thing of all, till that point there had been a grey sky and drizzle all day, he arrived and the sun came out.


Sunshine for Prince Charles

Prince Charles was accompanied on his visit by Claire Hensman who is the Lord Lieutenant  of Cumbria.


Prince Charles and Claire Hensman

By this time the schoolchildren were getting really excited. Prince Charles headed over to them and he spoke to every single one. I was very impressed by how relaxed he was taking his time after a very busy itinerary all day.


Chatting to Grasmere Schoolchildren

The Prince also noticed a lady holding a large England flag and headed over to her to chat.


Chatting to the crowds

The sun was still thing and Prince Charles next went to the Grasmere Gingerbread shop.


Prince Charles visits Grasmere Gingerbread Shop

He seemed to be enjoying a joke with owner Joanne Wilson, then disappeared inside for quite some time. It appears he was having a try at slicing gingerbread in the kitchen, however the Gingerbread recipe is a secret! Even to Royalty.


Sharing a joke at Grasmere Gingerbread Shop

Now here is where the local knowledge comes in. Up until now I’d been balancing on the church wall, but jumped backwards into St Oswald’s Church grounds. Meanwhile everyone was waiting for Prince Charles to re-appear out of the front door.


Waiting for the Prince

But he didn’t he came out through the back door and made his way across the graveyard to Wordsworth’s Grave. He was met here by Michael McGregor Director of the Wordsworth Trust and I got a great view.


Director of Wordsworth Trust and Prince of Wales

It was wonderful that the Daffodils were out at Wordsworth’s Grave and Prince Charles took a little time for reflection.


Prince Charles at Wordsworth’s Grave Grasmere

Prince Charles then headed through the graveyard towards the church where he was viewing an art installation by the local schoolchildren. Chatting to various locals on the way.


Prince Charles in St Oswald’s Churchyard Grasmere

He spotted Grasmere Tea Gardens across the river and asking who owned it gave everyone sitting outside a cheery wave.


Waving to visitors in Grasmere Tea Gardens

Stuart Cunninghams a local shop also got a chance to chat about business after the floods.


Taking time to chat with local business owners

Then into the church.


Prince Charles Grasmere 23/03/2016

The Prince of Wales visiting was what we all needed. Everything was feeling more positive, people on the streets, Easter this weekend and the clocks changing this weekend too. Just the A591 to re-open at hopefully Whit Bank holiday and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and try to make up for the business we have lost. Grasmere is well and truly open.


Spring at Allan Bank Grasmere

A beautiful Spring day. As Allan Bank in Grasmere (a National Trust Property unlike any  other) was open, I decided to take a wander up the hill and see what they were up to. This is the fifth year the property has been open and a while since I have written about it.


Beatrix Potter and Daffodils

The property is a short walk from Grasmere (disabled parking on site) and has the most glorious views of Grasmere. The sun was shining and the daffodils were out. Lambs in the surrounding fields. Paradise!


Allan Bank Grasmere

Grasmere school children were enjoying the grounds as part of their Forest Schools activities. It looked as though they were having an Easter egg hunt.

Allan Bank Art Room

Allan Bank Art Room

The Art Room had been changed around over the Winter. Anyone adult or child can just sit down and use the art material provided to paint the amazing view out of the window.


Refreshing the flowers at Allan Bank

In the kitchen cafe one of the volunteers (they are always looking for more) Janet was making Easter floral arrangements to decorate the tables. Tea and coffee are by donation and you can wander around the house, tea in hand.


Roaring fire in Wordsworth’s Study

Or if you are lucky grab a seat beside the roaring fire in Wordsworth’s Study, pick up a book and relax.

Allan Bank was once the home of Wordsworth and his young family but was also the home of Canon Hardwick Rawnsley one of the co-founders of the National Trust. This is the 150th Anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s Life and Canon Rawnsley was an inspiration to Beatrix when she was a young girl. He encouraged her creativity and also encouraged her in her love of the countryside.


Beatrix Potter Quote Cushion

Scattered around the house were cushions with quotes. I particularly liked the ones in the play room.


Peter Rabbit Cushions

The play room was just waiting for little Easter visitors with books and toys to enjoy.


Playroom Allan Bank Grasmere

Allan Bank isn’t just for children. Upstairs is the Chorley Hopkins Mountaineering Library with a wealth of books on Mountaineering both in the Lake District and beyond.


Mountaineering Library Allan Bank

Just along the corridor is a craft room where visiting crafters sometimes demonstrate lace making, printmaking etc. There are lots of vintage board games in here too. Looking out of the window you can quite often see the resident red squirrels but none today.


View from Craft Room Allan Bank

Just time for a quick look in the little shop, but the grounds were calling. Sunshine in the Lake District can’t be wasted.


Allan Bank Shop

In the grounds there is a fabulous woodland walk with great views. It is steep in places but well marked and resting places to be found. I had a little seat to look at the mere.


View of the Mere from Allan Bank

Next further up the path with a glimpse of Helm Crag in sight.


Allan Bank Woodland Walk

And finally Helm Crag in all it’s glory.


Helm Crag Grasmere

Something that hasn’t changed this year, or for a long time before is the old Victorian viewing tunnel in the grounds.


Tunnel in grounds Allan Bank Grasmere

Time for a last cup of tea and tempted to cake by Sophie to round off my visit.


Tea and cake at Allan Bank

For more information about Allan Bank Grasmere see http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/allan-bank-and-grasmere

Follow them on Facebook. National Trust Allan Bank or Twitter. @AllanbankNT

My previous Blogs with the history of Allan Bank.





Grasmere and Daffodils

Spring is arriving at last in the village. We now have a lifeline in the form of a bus link to Keswick so we aren’t feeling quite so isolated, and the work on the A591 needed after Storm Desmond is progressing. We can be easily accessed from the South or by the scenic route over Kirkstone Pass to the North. It is always a lovely time to visit. Snow on the fell tops, daffodils appearing, shops stocked up for the new season and hotels all spruced up over the winter. Some good bargain breaks at this time of year too.


Daffodils and snow in Grasmere

Today we had rain, sleet, snow and sunshine, and that was just the morning!


Wordsworth and Daffodils

It’s a funny thing but I suppose we all have our own idea of when Spring has arrived. The thing I always look for are the daffodils starting to flower at Wordsworth’s grave. Well today there were daffodils appearing everywhere.


Sam Read Bookshop Grasmere

Even in shop windows. This was a lovely Spring window display in Sam Read Bookshop and further down the road Herdy was getting in on the act too.


Daffodil Herdy

Of course the Lake District is always associated with daffodils because of William Wordsworth’s famous poem. Grasmere has it’s very own daffodil garden and you can find part of the poem reproduced there.


Wordsworth. Daffodils poem.

In the garden I would say the daffodils will be perfect just in time for Easter this year.


Grasmere Daffodil Garden

I decided to head round the riverside walk through Broadgate, then to the Mere.


Grasmere Sign Post

The Environment Agency have been dredging the River Rothay since the floods in December and as I approached the other day I was amazed to see that as the digger exited the river, three canoeists appeared and used the slipway to launch their canoes! A nice bit of positive thinking.


Canoeists River Rothay

They paddled along and the next thing I spotted them in the Mere.


Canoeists Grasmere

We might have had a lot of rain over the winter but another advantage is that everything is looking very lush and green at the moment. As you can see Grasmere is ready for the new season, all that is missing are the visitors. Get yourselves up here, you don’t know what you are missing!


Spring crocus

Snowy Grasmere at last!

Well at last the rain has gone and things are looking a bit more seasonal in the village. Snow overnight and blue skies this morning mean January is looking more hopeful weather wise.


Grasmere snow

At the moment car parks in Grasmere are still free to help the local economy recover, however I visited all three car parks today and there were only a handful of cars in each. Roads were clear and it was a beautiful day. A slight worry.


Free parking in Grasmere

Grasmere in weather like this is wonderful to visit.


Wordsworth Hotel Grasmere

Even if you don’t come to walk on the fells the village is like a winter wonderland.


Grasmere Village in Winter

Even a little wander round the riverside walk is a delight in the snow.


Millennium Stone Grasmere

I was actually going to get my shopping from the Co-op, who could have a better trip to the shops!


Broadgate Grasmere

Not a lot of people around here either. What a shame.


Broadgate Grasmere

Can’t believe what everyone is missing. Shopping bought and still “wandering lonely”!


Wordsworth Graves in Winter

As I always do, went by the Wordsworth Graves to see if the snowdrops were out yet. Still “wandering lonely”.


Grasmere is open!

Grasmere is open! Roads from the south are clear of snow it’s one of the best times to visit and we are ready to welcome you. Yes some shops are still recovering from flooding but we will all look shiny new for you very soon. The Grand at Grasmere has a brilliant new look. Lots of hotels and holiday homes have real bargains at this time of year and if you are worried about slipping in the snow, Mountain Warehouse were featuring a bargain in snow grips, so no excuse!


Snow Grips

Grasmere Rainbows, Autumn, and Halloween.

October in Grasmere has been an amazing month for rainbows.

Grasmere Rainbow

Grasmere Rainbow

The beautiful weather we had over the summer has led to sunshine and showers and with the showers, rainbows. Lots of rainbows!

Another Grasmere Rainbow

Another Grasmere Rainbow

Early morning has been beautiful too. Great cloud inversions looking towards the mere.

Grasmere Cloud Inversion

Grasmere Cloud Inversion

and once the clouds dispersed a little, wonderful reflections.

Grasmere Reflections

Grasmere Reflections

October in Grasmere also means Autumn Festival and thoughts of Harvest. It was pouring down this morning but this display in the entrance to St Oswald’s Church brightened up the morning.

Autumn Church Porch Grasmere

Autumn Church Porch Grasmere

Crossing the road at Church Stile I noticed the National Trust shop was looking very Autumnal too.

Grasmere National Trust Shop

Grasmere National Trust Shop

Halloween is also fast approaching and in College street the Herdy shop was brightening up a rainy day.

Autumn Herdy Shop Display

Autumn Herdy Shop Display

Lucia’s Takeaway had been busy with their own personalised pumpkin.

Lucia's Pumpkin Grasmere

Lucia’s Pumpkin Grasmere

and at National Trust Allan Bank it was pumpkin central as they were having a pumpkin trail over the half term holiday.

Allan Bank Pumpkins

Allan Bank Pumpkins

Cocoa Hearts chocolate shop had lots of people sheltering from the rain making chocolates to take home.

Cocoa Hearts Grasmere

Cocoa Hearts Grasmere

and a witch seemed to have taken up residence in the Good Bag shop next door.

Witches are good

Witches are good

So despite the rain, Autumn is a great time to be in Grasmere, and when the clouds part…..

Grasmere Light

Grasmere Light

the views can be truly spectacular.

Halloween Rainbow

Halloween Rainbow

So keep an eye open for rainbows, and Happy Halloween everyone.


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