Not the Grasmere we know. Covid-19 2020

I have always used this blog as my own personal diary. It’s seen a lot of different things happening in the village over the years but none so strange as the last few months. Everyone in the world (literally) knows the effect of Covid-19 so I won’t dwell on it.

When have we ever not wanted visitors in the village? As the poster says “extraordinary times”.

Grasmere St Oswald’s Church with the door closed. Grass growing long in the churchyard. No snaking line of tourists queuing up outside the gingerbread shop. Easter and Bank holidays with no visitors.

The Coop did an amazing job keeping the village supplied with essentials and were very proactive in keeping the shopping experience safe. Thank you Tom and staff.

Wouldn’t you just know it. The sun blazed down day after day. Going for fresh air and exercise was a pleasure but one couldn’t help feeling it was such a shame not to be able to share with visitors.

After a very wet start to the year we watched as the river practically dried up.

Spare time was spent making masks to keep family and friends safe.

The traditional Grasmere Sports and Rushbearing cancelled. Then, suddenly little shoots of hope.

No the circus hadn’t come to town, however due to the ingenuity of staff, children were at last able to attend school in a socially distanced way.

Herdwick sheep real and otherwise raised a cheer when non essential shops were allowed to open this week.

Hopefully Hotels, and other accommodation providers will follow soon, along with restaurants and pubs.

Visitors we have missed you. It’s been very quiet which although nice sometimes isn’t always a good thing. Let’s all respect each other, follow the safety guidelines and hopefully the sun will keep shining when you come back.

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7 responses to “Not the Grasmere we know. Covid-19 2020”

  1. Robert John Price says :

    Thanks for these beautiful photos. My wife and I were planning to make our annual pilgrimage for a week in late May, and we miss the village very much. We live in Oxford which like Grasmere has been fundamentally changed since the lockdown by the absence of tourists and visitors. Keep well ! and keep blogging for those if us who are pining for the hills!

  2. Hilary Tesh says :

    Lovely photos. I’m rather envious of you enjoying the area without us pesky tourists cluttering up the place! (Yes, I know you need us but the fells and the lake must be enjoying the rest)

    We were horrified to see the Cumbrian Police’s post about car parking blocking roads, the litter left behind and the barbecues once travel was allowed. I do hope that problem has settled down now.

    We will be back to enjoy lovely Grasmere and the Lake District when holidays are allowed, that’s for sure. Meantime, keep safe and well, Grasmere folk.

  3. Bob says :

    Very interesting, thanks for this.

  4. Emily says :

    Lovely read, I am sure we will be back soon. Once the quarantine is lifted in the UK I’ll be back on my flight from Austria and straight to Grasmere !!! Thanks for the nice read.
    Salzburg, Austria

  5. theyearwithoutwimbledon says :

    I come up to Grasmere for a weekend in April every year, but obviously it didn’t happen this time but, all being well, I’m coming for a week’s “staycation” in August. Hoping that the gingerbread shop and Emma’s Dell café are open 🙂 .

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