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Nearly there….

View towards Helm Crag

As lockdown Three starts easing and holiday homes, non essential shops, outdoor seating for cafes and pubs and best of all hairdressers! are able to open again from 12th April the village will start to come alive again.

Grasmere Daffodil Garden

The daffodils are out in the daffodil garden and the only thing still missing is the smell of gingerbread wafting in the air but hopefully that will happen soon too.

St Oswald’s churchyard

We hope that visitors to the village will observe the country code. During the time between lockdowns last time there was a huge amount of rubbish abandoned in the village and on surrounding fells.

Riverside walk Grasmere

Let’s hope the sun shines and everyone can enjoy a great UK staycation.

Daffodils in the churchyard

Where better to visit after being stuck at home for so long than Grasmere Village. See you soon!

Grasmere Village 2018

Another year nearly gone. Another year where other commitments have overtaken writing my blog. Let’s have a look at what has been happening in the village this year through photographs I have posted on Twitter (yes I do still have time to do that so to keep up to date you could follow @grasmerevillage).

Mixed weather this year. Long periods of sunshine during the Summer then torrential rain in Autumn. Rushbearing Day was beautiful. Grasmere Sports Day was wet, wet, wet.

Our newly rendered church tower looked good in the sunshine, as did our new Farmers Market, which has proved a great hit with locals and visitors alike.


A snowy Dunmail Raise


Snowdrops at Wordsworth’s Grave


Cheeky Little Robin


Snowmen at the River Rothay


Broadgate Grasmere


Grasmere Co-op Joke


Grasmere Sports Field


Dunmail Raise


Grasmere Church


Grasmere Market


Grasmere Market


Heaton Cooper Studio


Designs on Japan Exhibition


Grasmere Maidens


Grasmere Rushbearing Maidens


Grasmere Rushbearing


St. Oswald’s Rushbearing


Grasmere Market


Grasmere Summer Weather


Broadgate Grasmere


Grasmere Sports


Hounds Grasmere Sports


Church Stile Grasmere


Tour of Britain Grasmere School


Tour of Britain Grasmere


Allan Bank Grasmere


Allan Bank Grasmere


Dancing on the green Grasmere


Lest we forget. Grasmere


Helm Crag Grasmere


Open Top Bus Grasmere


Broadgate Grasmere


St Oswald’s Church Grasmere


Allan Bank Evening


Rainbow Grasmere


Rainbow Sam Reads


Church Stile Autumn


Stock Lane Grasmere


Remembrance Day Grasmere


Allan Bank walk Grasmere


Allan Bank Walk


Allan Bank Tunnel


Allan Bank Tunnel


Xmas crafts Heaton Cooper


Gingerbread House

Grasmere Builds A Wall.

Unlike other places in the World which are talking about building a wall to keep people out, Grasmere has a new wall to welcome visitors.

The entrance to the village at Stock Lane has undergone many reincarnations in the time I have been here so it was interesting to go and have a look at the latest. First a few photos of how it has looked. Note how the Poets well has moved.

Junction Stock Lane Grasmere

Junction Stock Lane Grasmere

A591 Junction Grasmere

A591 Junction Grasmere


We now have a rather poetic entrance to the village, with the building of a couple of slate walls inscribed with poetry by William Wordsworth.

Home at Grasmere

Home at Grasmere

There are also seats on either side of the road, and a much needed litter bin.

New seating Grasmere

New seating Grasmere

Crossing the road to Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Trust should be easier for pedestrians due to the new road layout.

A591 B5287 Junction Grasmere

A591 B5287 Junction Grasmere

Poetry Wall Grasmere

Poetry Wall Grasmere

Since I took the photographs earth has been filled in behind the walls so hopefully we can look forward to some floral displays.

Below is a link to the original Cumbria County Council thinking. So far no sign has been put up pointing into Grasmere Village. As far as traffic and pedestrians go the season is just starting so time will tell how well the new arrangement works.

Click to access 4261312523.pdf

Grasmere Celebrates The Queen’s 90th Birthday

We really have been having some gorgeous weather in Grasmere recently. It has been wonderful to see people sitting outside pubs and cafes soaking up the sunshine. Business has picked up since the A591 has reopened and things are more or less back to normal.

Grasmere flags are flying

Grasmere flags are flying

Almost overnight flags have appeared in the village as Grasmere gets ready to celebrate The Queen’s 90th Birthday.

Grasmere celebrations

Grasmere celebrations

If you are in Grasmere on Saturday 11th June why not come and join us. From 1-4pm we will be inviting people to bring their own picnic to the park. A little bird tells me The Wordsworth Hotel and Spa might even be offering complementary strawberries and cream.

Miller Howe Cafe Grasmere

Miller Howe Cafe Grasmere

In the park on Saturday there will be sports and trophies for all ages, Kendal Concert Band will be playing and Grasmere Glee Club. Grasmere Players will also be performing.

Heaton Cooper Grasmere Window

Heaton Cooper Grasmere Window

On Sunday 12th June at 4pm there will be a service of Thanksgiving for the Queen’s Life.

St Oswald's Church

St Oswald’s Church Grasmere

A well known face in Grasmere Cameron Butland will be back to lead the service and there will be tea and cake for everyone afterwards.

St Oswald's Grasmere

St Oswald’s Grasmere

So as you can see we are all ready to celebrate, lets hope the weather holds out just a little longer.

Grasmere Village

Grasmere Village

How many more flags will spring up tomorrow?

Cunninghams Grasmere

Cunninghams Grasmere

You will just have to visit us and see over the weekend.

Mountain Warehouse Grasmere

Mountain Warehouse Grasmere


Written in memory of my Father in law who built the shop above. Long time lover and resident of Grasmere.

Eric Shaw. Died 25/5/2016 a month from his 99th Birthday.

Eric Grasmere Sports age 7

Eric Grasmere Sports aged 7

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