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Olympic Torch Relay Grasmere

Who would have thought that the Olympic Torch would pass through the centre of Grasmere.

Waiting for the torch Grasmere

The day before had been the most beautiful sunny day, however  we woke to torrential rain. But all was not lost, although it was still drizzling when the torch arrived it had eased off a lot.

Met police bikes Grasmere

The torch arrived just as everyone was locking up shop for the day, we knew it had arrived by the sound of drumming coming from the park. Grasmere School were performing and apparently gave the torch a rousing welcome. We all dashed on to the pavement to watch.

Olympic bus

A rather strange parade of vehicles for the streets of Grasmere then appeared. First came the CocaCola one, with music blaring. Heavens only knows what the Herdwick sheep in the fields were thinking!

CocaCola vehicle

Next up we came face to face with David Beckham, not something I thought I would ever say in this blog!

David Beckham

Lloyds Bank was next. Presumably these are all the sponsors of the Olympics.

More Relay vehicles

It was a shame that none of the torch bearers were actually from Grasmere, would have been lovely to see one of our own carrying the flame.

Torch Bearer Grasmere

However I have to say the bearer that we saw was very nice and chatty to everyone waiting.

Olympic torch outside Gingerbread Shop

And then torch lit, the bearer ran through the centre of the village

Here comes the flame

and was past before we knew it.

There it goes

Everyone remarked how brilliant it was that the flame had actually come through the centre of Grasmere and not just along the main road. After another handover the flame proceeded to Ambleside by open top bus, then by Lake steamer to Bowness on Windermere for an evening of entertainment.  The rain did little to dampen spirits and it was great to feel part of the London 2012 Olympics in this little part of the British Isles.

Wenlock waves goodbye to Grasmere

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