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A Perfect Summer Day in Grasmere.

A few weeks ago we had a little taste of  what Summer should be like in Grasmere.

Rowing Boats Grasmere

A certain family member had been wanting to go out on a rowing boat on Grasmere for ages and I had kept saying it was too cold.

Ready to go, Boats at Grasmere

Trust me to land myself without an excuse when I woke to the most beautiful sunny morning and went into the kitchen announcing “isn’t it warm today”. That was it, rowing boat day had arrived!

Grasmere Reflections

To be honest I had a reason to go out on the lake myself, but once it was agreed that I was taking photos and not rowing I really started enjoying myself.

Helm Crag Grasmere from the Lake

It was a stunning day weather wise and still early so not many folk about.

Rounding the island Grasmere

We headed out to the Island in the centre of the mere. This got me thinking as we got nearer and nearer, how much it had got overgrown. I can’t remember the last time I saw the farmer taking sheep across to graze on a rowing boat. It used to be a regular occurrence. It was also common for flocks of sheep to be brought down Stock Lane in the centre of the village. Quite often the cry of “sheep!” prompted us to run and close our shop doors, in case they decided to pay a visit. I never had sheep in the shop but I did once have a flock tramp through the house when someone who shall remain nameless left the front gate and front door open!. A very “sheepish” (sorry couldn’t resist that) farmer appeared at the door with a box of chocolates to apologise.

Canoe on Grasmere

A few more lake users were appearing so we headed over to have a look at the new Waterside Hotel. Formerly the Prince of Wales it is due to open this Summer.

Waterside Hotel Grasmere

I had been desperate to see what it looked like from the water, and this was the perfect view.

Waterside Hotel

It was good to see what was happening from a different angle.

Balcony Waterside Hotel

There will be some lovely views from these windows. Time was moving on so we went round by the Waterside Boathouse and rowed to the top of the lake.

Waterside Hotel Boathouse

It was a quick row to the top of the lake, and by now the sun was really shining.

Rowing on Grasmere

Walkers were appearing on the walk round the shore.

Lake Shore Walk Grasmere

The views are stunning in every direction from the lake, it really is the most perfect place to take in the surroundings.

Looking down the lake

It looked as though lots of people were starting to get the same idea as us, and more boats were appearing as we headed back to Faeryland where we had started from.

Rowing on Grasmere

Nesting on the bank just before we got back to the landing stage were some swans, we just had time to watch them enjoying the sun.

Swans Grasmere

Then just before we docked we spotted a Heron in the shallows.

Grasmere Heron

Feeling guilty that I hadn’t done a single bit of rowing, I felt it only right to offer refreshments. A pot of Faeryland’s own blend tea.

Tea at Faeryland Grasmere

So a perfect sunny day in Grasmere. No need to open an umbrella. Well not for the usual reasons anyway!

A perfect day for rowing on Grasmere





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