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Snowy Grasmere at last!

Well at last the rain has gone and things are looking a bit more seasonal in the village. Snow overnight and blue skies this morning mean January is looking more hopeful weather wise.


Grasmere snow

At the moment car parks in Grasmere are still free to help the local economy recover, however I visited all three car parks today and there were only a handful of cars in each. Roads were clear and it was a beautiful day. A slight worry.


Free parking in Grasmere

Grasmere in weather like this is wonderful to visit.


Wordsworth Hotel Grasmere

Even if you don’t come to walk on the fells the village is like a winter wonderland.


Grasmere Village in Winter

Even a little wander round the riverside walk is a delight in the snow.


Millennium Stone Grasmere

I was actually going to get my shopping from the Co-op, who could have a better trip to the shops!


Broadgate Grasmere

Not a lot of people around here either. What a shame.


Broadgate Grasmere

Can’t believe what everyone is missing. Shopping bought and still “wandering lonely”!


Wordsworth Graves in Winter

As I always do, went by the Wordsworth Graves to see if the snowdrops were out yet. Still “wandering lonely”.


Grasmere is open!

Grasmere is open! Roads from the south are clear of snow it’s one of the best times to visit and we are ready to welcome you. Yes some shops are still recovering from flooding but we will all look shiny new for you very soon. The Grand at Grasmere has a brilliant new look. Lots of hotels and holiday homes have real bargains at this time of year and if you are worried about slipping in the snow, Mountain Warehouse were featuring a bargain in snow grips, so no excuse!


Snow Grips

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