Grasmere and Rydal in Autumn

What mixed weather we are having this Autumn. Torrential rain, then warm days and sunshine, and as I write this we are having hailstones, rain, then sunshine. No wonder we talk about the weather so much!

Late Autumn sunshine at Rydal

One of the most popular walks from Grasmere is to Rydal water and back and Autumn is one of the best times to do this walk whatever the weather.

Autumn mist early morning Grasmere

Trees are changing colour and the hedgerows are full of blackberries.

Grasmere blackberries

Mushrooms are everywhere, so many varieties and more than I can remember seeing for a long time.

A good year for fungi

The first tree that changes colour in Grasmere every year seems to be the one in Grasmere Garden Centre beside the church.

Autumn tree, Grasmere Church

Grasmere daffodil garden with it’s pathway of visitors names is littered with falling leaves, getting ready for Winter rest before bursting into bloom again in the Spring.

Autumn leaves

People are making the most of the last of the lighter evenings.

Swimmer at Rydal

There were a couple of people swimming in Rydal Water when I went past.

Lake Swimming Rydal Water

It was a perfect evening for it. I contented myself with opening conkers while I watched them. Much less energetic!


The evening light was starting to fade.

Autumn at Rydal Boathouse.

So just time for a few more photos before heading for home.

Rydal Water

Autumn in the Lake District, Given the right weather you just can’t beat it.

Last light Rydal Water

Written on a Macbook. Some photos taken with iPad. RIP Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

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5 responses to “Grasmere and Rydal in Autumn”

  1. doctorfitz says :

    The autumn colours are spectacular, particularly with the warm light in the first picture. Great shots.

  2. Pat Towler says :

    these photographs have a nostalgic feel as we owned the Glen Rothay hotel in the 70s and my mothers ashes are scattered at Rydal lake side
    pat Towler

  3. Tony says :

    Fanstastic shots I love the autumn colours and the way you have captued the autumn spirit of the lakes. They make me feell I am there, socking up the spirit of the the lakes, just as the poets did of there time. you have an eye for taking photos as we used to say,

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