National Trust Grasmere Gallop 2011

There seems to be a bit of a National Trust theme running through this blog at the moment, but credit where credit is due. First of all they open a much needed Information Centre in the village, and now they have brought back the much loved Grasmere Gallop to the village.

Grasmere Gallop 2011

The 10K Gallop was something that locals and visitors really enjoyed but was cancelled due to lack of funding. Step in National Trust and it was all go again this year.

Getting ready

With a forecast looking fair for the morning, quite a few last minute entrants appeared and about 300 people took part on what was a really beautiful Grasmere morning.

Heading for the start

A nice touch was everyone being led to the start at the bottom of Red Bank road by a piper, the sound of pipes drifting through the village. Then it was a pull up Red Bank with a welcome water supply at the top.

Grasmere Gallop view

Down to the lake shore at Rydal, then through the ferns they ran.

Running through the ferns

Some on their own and some in groups. All with one aim, to finish the race.

Grasmere Gallop runners

It didn’t seem to take long at all before the runners headed back into he village. Clusters of people clapping loudly as they passed.

Reaching the end

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the event and there was more to come. A teddy Dash for the under 5’s and a family run to follow.

Stop the traffic! Coming through.

On the Sports Field spectators were enjoying the various stands, including Langdale and Ambleside Mountain Rescue and Made in Cumbria.

Gallop Runners

Not only were these runners having a great day out but were putting something back into the Lake District by supporting the National Trust.

Grasmere Gallop 2011

Back to the Sports Field and the final flag. From what I heard afterwards it truly was “a grand day out”.

Grasmere Gallop Finish


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