Grasmere Lake and Wild Lavender Tea.

I quite often get asked “which way to the Lake”. The answer depends on whether people want to walk round it or just have a look at it. The lake is clearly seen from the main road for a quick photo stop however, walking down the side of the Garden Centre opposite the Church and up Red Bank Road takes you to the far shore and some great views.

Grasmere Lake

The weather forecast is notoriously wrong in this area, after a forecast of rain I woke to beautiful blue sky.  I had left it a bit late to go round the lake before work, however had time for a short walk. Heading up Red Bank you pass the Gold Rill hotel before reaching Faeryland, the first glimpse of the lake.

Faeryland Tea Gardens Grasmere.

Faeryland is where you can hire rowing boats and enjoy a well earned cup of tea after your exertions!. And not just any old tea either. Who’d have thought you could sit on the shores of Grasmere enjoying a pot of Organic Tibetan Wild Lavender Tea or Organic Kyoto Cherry green tea?.

Faeryland Grasmere

Carrying on up Red Bank road with Silver Howe on your left you pass Nicholas Wood and come to the stile down to the lake shore.

Boat House Grasmere Lake.

You reach the lake beside a little boat house and to the right of this is a handy seat to contemplate the view from. And what a view!.

Grasmere Lake

A few minutes sitting here sets you up for the rest of the working day.

Rushes on the shore at Grasmere Lake.

From here you can walk along the shore of the lake past Deerbolts Wood to continue round the lake or carry on to Rydal Water. Unfortunately work was calling so I had to head back with one last look over my shoulder.

Grasmere Lake

If you do decide to hire a rowing boat, you can get a Fishing permit in the village and pass some time trying to catch pike, perch and trout. Now about that cup of tea….

Grasmere Lake

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